C Parker Gallery to Exhibit Rare Artwork of The Grateful Dead

The Grateful Dead: Their music became a lifestyle; their concerts were an experience and their legacy is enduring. C. Parker Gallery will pay tribute to this iconic San Francisco band by showcasing their visual side. “From the Vault: The Art of Jerry Garcia & The Grateful Dead” is a specially curated, limited showing of some of the most compelling and rare artwork and photos from band including original and hand-signed artwork from band leader Jerry Garcia, artwork from band members Bill Kreutzmann and Mickey Hart, photographs from Rolling Stone Magazine first chief photographer Baron Wolman and personal items from Jerry Garcia including his briefcase, business card, ashtray and more.

“From the Vault: The Art of Jerry Garcia & The Grateful Dead” opens on Thursday, April 19 and runs until Sunday, April 29. The exhibit is free and all works are available for purchase.

As a young man, Grateful Dead founder Jerry Garcia found his interests divided between visual and musical expression, and he attended the San Francisco Art Institute. Music came to claim his full attention but he never stopped sketching. Garcia once remarked about his art, “I hope that nobody takes them too seriously.” Garcia signed his artwork according to the orders he received so many of his limited-edition works were never signed prior to his passing in 1995. Therefore, hand-signed Garcia pieces are very rare and collectible.

Also included in this exhibit are photographs from Rolling Stone magazine’s first chief photographer Baron Wolman. Baron took the iconic 1969 photo of Jerry Garcia displaying his missing finger which became a symbol for Grateful Dead fans. He also was at their house at Haight Ashbury in 1967 when they congregated on their front steps after being bailed out of jail. They posed for the photo, holding firearms and flipping the bird for the first issue of a yet to be published new magazine called Rolling Stone.

Besides the collection of rare artwork and photographs, “From the Vault: The Artwork of Jerry Garcia & The Grateful Dead” will include some of Jerry Garcia’s personal possessions giving “Deadheads” a chance to own something very unique and exciting.

C Parker Gallery is located at 409 Greenwich Ave. For more information, call 203-253-0934 or 610-389-1807, or visit cparkergallery.com

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