Indivisible Greenwich To Hold First 2018 Meeting

Indivisible Greenwich, the local chapter of Indivisible, will meet on Sunday, Jan. 21 at 7 p.m., in the Eastern Middle School Auditorium, 51 Hendrie Ave., to provide updates on its work and plans for 2018. In addition, the group announces that Secretary of State Denise Merrill will speak to the group about voting rights and issues.

The public is invited to attend and join the group’s campaign to promote progressive civic engagement in seeking results-oriented action at the federal and state levels.

“We want to be in the forefront locally in the campaign to resist fundamental threats to our democracy and prevent our country from going backwards through racist, authoritarian, inhumane and corrupt policies,” said Indivisible Greenwich founder Joanna Swomley.

In 2018, Indivisible Greenwich will be continuing to urge its members to exercise their constituent power, through phone calls, showing up at Town Halls and otherwise. It will also be exploring ways to encourage constituent engagement in the election process. “Congress has proven unwilling or unable to check the powers of this President, to speak out against his attempts to divide us, or to protect our democratic values and principles. We must look to replace those members who continue to remain silent or complicit as the President of the United States undermines, on a daily basis, our democracy and our American values,” said Nerlyn Pierson, a co-founder of the group.

“Anyone concerned by the Trump agenda is invited to attend and learn more about the group at the January 21 meeting. Opportunities for work at the federal and state group level will be presented,” Pierson said.

Those interested are encouraged to read the Indivisible Guide and other materials found at or For more information, please also visit the Indivisible Greenwich website, For additional information contact

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