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Letter: Tesei, Sherr, Auerbach, Support Charter Change

To the Editor,

All Greenwich residents have a stake in our public school system. So, looking at the Board of Education, which is better: (A) the eight members of Board of Education are chosen by Republican and Democrat party insiders only or (B) we, the voting public, have the final say on who serves on the Board?

Which is better: (A) politically unaffiliated parents and voters have no voice at all or (B) politically unaffiliated parents and voters get to choose between the Republican or Democrat educational platforms and candidates?

Which is better: (A) we automatically seat four Democrats and four Republicans, equal political party representation, or (B) we make the political parties compete for our votes so we, the public — parents, grandparents, and taxpayers — can decide if we want to keep the 4-and-4 make-up or if we want to try 5-and-3 and hold that majority political party accountable for the successes or failures of the school system?

If you said (A) to any of the questions above, then you want the status quo. If you said (B), then you support Charter Change.

Charter Change is very simply about taking control of the Board of Education away from political party insiders and giving the final say to Greenwich voters at large. Every other school district in CT has competitive elections between the parties. Only in Greenwich is the power to seat Board of Education members held by the political party elites, who… know best?

Those who are fighting passionately against Charter Change — crying “keep politics out of education”, whether they intend it or not — are passionately for elitist, insider control of who sits on the Board of Education. Opponents say it is a “powergrab” by Republicans. No, sorry, it is a powergrab by the people of Greenwich. So, hurrah for clear-minded folks who see Charter Change for what it is — a good and moral change for the betterment of Greenwich.

Eventually, the issue of Charter Change will come before the town. Vote for Peter Tesei for First Selectman and Peter Sherr and Jason Auerbach for the Board of Education because they support Charter Change.

Kimberly Fiorello

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