Opinion Columnist: Why I’m Voting for Donald Trump

By Edward Dadakis
Sentinel Columnist

My Democrat friends and I don’t agree much on politics, but this year we have consensus.

We all agree it’s been an unbelievably crazy Presidential campaign.  I doubt anyone would’ve dared predict a year ago what has transpired.

In less than two weeks, voters will elect our next President. Very few are happy with their choices, but the simple fact is the choice is binary. 

On one side is Donald Trump who built a massively successful business empire employing tens of thousands.  He can, at times, be a blowhard and, yes, it’s alleged he’s taken some liberties with the ladies (although many of the allegations were disproven). At times a hard-nosed business person (show me a successful one who isn’t), many in Greenwich remember him building the Central Park Wollman skating rink in weeks after the government had spent millions and failed for years to get it done demonstrating the benefit of private sector success over government incompetence.

On the other side is Hillary Clinton—someone who has difficulty with the truth (and I’m being kind), has compromised national security, and her misjudgments as Secretary of State created much of the global unrest the world now experiences. Americans are less safe today because of her service.

Even her supporters have difficulty listing her accomplishments after 30 years in the public eye. Women who have accused her husband, the impeached President, of sexual assault, say Hillary attacked and threatened them in an effort to discredit their allegations.

So I’ve made my choice. I’m going with The Donald.

I certainly don’t agree with everything he says or does, but I never have with any candidate. I am, though, truly disgusted with the news media’s distortion of the truth. Their role has been absolutely appalling. They have eliminated the line between journalists and opinion writers.  There are significant implications to this and I believe the news industry is forever damaged.    

Get past all the noise (and there’s lots of it) you will find Donald Trump offers policies to improve America’s economy, protect Americans at home and abroad, and he will appoint Supreme Court Justices who interpret what the Constitution says not what they wish it said. No, he’s not politically correct, and doesn’t have the glibness of a career politician who parses every word (remember the Clintonian “depends on what the meaning of is is”), but he knows, as many do, that Washington is broken and needs fixing.

Trump offers a tax plan letting taxpayers keep more of their hard-earned money and will reduce regulations. In fact he proposes that for every new federal regulation enacted, two must be repealed. 

This is the same formula—lower taxes and less regulation—that both John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan used to create huge economic expansions, something that has eluded Democrats for eight years.

Hillary promises to raise taxes on the wealthy (that would be you) by more than $1 trillion. She will eliminate the social security payroll cap and may even apply that tax to unearned income, too. That is a recipe for zero or negative economic growth.

Tax revenue generated from economic growth (Trump’s plan) is a good thing, but tax revenue generated by raising rates (Hillary’s plan) reduces economic growth, putting people out of work.

The anti-Trumpers, helped by the news media, suggest Trump doesn’t support women. But the facts say differently. There are more women in leadership and Executive positions at The Trump Organization then at comparable companies. 

Trump has been advancing women in business for decades, long before it had broad public attention and in a male dominated industry. Unlike the Clinton Foundation, or Hillary Clinton’s Senate office, women are paid as much or more than men by Donald Trump.

Trump believes in the rule of law. If you don’t like a law, then change it, but don’t just ignore it. Democrats are guilty of selectively enforcing many laws and Hillary will be no different. Is there something wrong with enforcing the law?

America is at a crossroad. What really matters is the policies these two candidates will implement. Trump’s policies of pro-growth, protecting the homeland, and implementing a law and order agenda make him the clear choice.

Edward Dadakis, a lifelong Greenwich resident, has served more then 35 years on the RTM, having been first elected as one of its youngest members. He is a former chairman of the Greenwich Republican Party and currently represents our 36th Senatorial District on the Connecticut Republican State Central Committee. For the latest on politics, follow him on Twitter @EdDadakis

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