Letter: Respected on Both Sides

To the Editor,

Every term, the “freshmen” sorted themselves out in most cases by the end of the first session into groups: No. 1: good potential/hard working; No. 2: possibilities/wait and see; and No. 3: unfocused/tardy/unreliable. As a member of the House leadership, it behooved me and the other leaders to support and encourage groups No. 1 and 2, while keeping a sharp eye on No. 3 to head off any problems.

It was always a singular pleasure to find a gem of a legislator emerging from group No. 1. Maybe that’s the old teacher in me, plus the appreciation of the time and hard work that goes into becoming an exemplary legislator.

Greenwich is blessed with just such a House member in state Rep. Livvy Floren (Dist. 149). And you don’t even have to take my word for it, simply ask any experienced legislator from either side of the aisle whom they would pick to work with on a bill, committee, working group, or special project. I guarantee they will name Livvy every single time!

So as this “interesting” political season draws to a merciful close, please be sure to go to your polling station on Election Day and vote for state Rep. Livvy Floren (Dist. 149) to represent all of us in Hartford for two more years.

Claudia “Dolly” Powers

The writer served in the state House from 1993 to 2008

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