CHAMPS Walk Raises Money for Mine Sniffing Dogs

North Mianus School children with CHAMPS dog.
North Mianus School children with CHAMPS dog.

Hundreds showed up on April 24 to walk with their dogs, and stayed for an informal dog show and games to help North Mianus and Cos Cob school students raise funds to support mine dogs. Held at Bruce Park, this walk in particular, raised funds for students to have their own dog to be named “Emily,” in memory of Emily Fedorko, who attended North Mianus School and died in a boat accident two years ago.

The dogs are trained and sent to third world countries to detect land mines. The existent mines keep children from going to school and workers from farming their land. CHAMPS is a children-sponsored subsidiary of The Marshall Legacy Institute created for this ongoing mission around the world. The benefit was co-sponsored by the Greenwich Rotary Club.

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