Julian Curtiss School Holds Annual Field Day

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Kindergarten through fifth graders took a break from the classroom today at Julian Curtiss Elementary School as the annual field day events took place.The day started with an opening ceremony which featured the school’s choir. Julian Curtiss Vice Principal, Brenda Brush, recognizes the preparation that goes into the day.

“The P.E. teachers start a couple months in advance, teaching the kids the games so that they know what to do when they come out. It’s scheduled at the beginning of the year and the kids look forward to it all year. It’s one of our most fun days here at JC,” said Brenda Brush.

Parent, Beatriz Williams, could see the enthusiasm in her children as they prepared for the day.

“They’re pretty excited. Even my fourth grader who likes to spend his mornings playing Mind Craft was up and dressed and ready to go,” Breatriz
Williams said.

Physical Education Teacher, Ken O’Brien, chooses a range of events to play toward students strengths.

“The events today are a variety of skills. We have water stations, a lot of relay races, the 50-yard dash, we have the parachute and a lot of activities that require the students to work together as a team,” said Ken O’Brien.

However, field day isn’t only enjoyed by the students.

“It’s a great event. Every year the parents come out, we have our snacks and our blankets. It’s a great way to end the year off,” said Williams.

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