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Greenwich September 11 Memorial Ceremoniously Breaks Ground at Cos Cob Park

I am in Cos Cob Park, and on this hilltop behind me overlooking the
Long Island Sound will soon be a brand new memorial paying tribute to
the 32 Greenwich Residents that lost their lives on September 11, 2001.

“When the Memorial Board found out the park was going to be built, they
asked the Town if it could accept a gift of the memorial,” said Gervais
Hearn, the Director of Development.

“The location is pristine. On the water is quite fitting of seeing those
two towers over a skyline again,” said Jonathan Egan.

“I lost my brother Teddy in the attacks on 9/11 and we don’t have the
luxury of  a gravesite,” said Sally Maloney Duval.

Family members of those lost on 9/11 say they have traveled to the memorial
in New York City in the past.

“Some of my family members cannot do that, will not do that. It does not
have the intimate setting that a small garden has,” said Egan.

They also stress the importance of furthering education about that terrible
day and fundraising is still ongoing for that exact reason.

“They are starting to teach about September 11 in the schools. If you are
a freshman or a sophomore in school right now, you were not alive on Sept.
11. Even for the seniors going off to college, they really have no memory of
this,” said Jimmy Ritman, the President of the Board.

“Probably most excited about the fact that they are making an effort for
the educational purposes of it. We can bring Greenwich kids here, and kids
from all over Fairfield County to get an understanding of what happened, why
it happened, and how to never let it happen again,” said Egan.

The project team says they are confident the memorial will be up in time
for this year’s anniversary of September 11.

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