Intergenerational Church Planting

Stanwich Church teenagers raised $646 for the new Stamford church plant.

By Nathan Hart

For this column, I want you to hear from someone on the ministry team at our church. Her name is Lauren Sumner and she co-runs our Student and Family Discipleship program. As you may already know, our congregation has embarked on a $21mm project to plant a new church location in Stamford. We have called our campaign Stanwich Stamford: The Heart of God in the Heart of the City. We have seen people from every age generously give their time, talent, and treasure to make this vision become a reality. In the paragraphs below, Lauren tells the story of one of our teenagers doing her part to support the expansion of the church:

On a Saturday morning on Greenwich Avenue, Kathryn Herman, a Junior at Sacred Heart, along with a few of her friends, set up a bake sale. Besides the delicious homemade goodies on display, the table was adorned with signs that read, “The heart of God in the heart of the city! Stanwich Church’s Stamford Mission.” The hope of the bake sale was not only to raise funds towards the ambitious goal of constructing a new church building but also to spread the word about the exciting development happening in downtown Stamford. As customers approached, Kathryn and her friends eagerly shared the vision for Stanwich Church’s expansion in Stamford.

When Kathryn first heard of the fundraising efforts needed to build a new church, she immediately jumped into action and began planning the bake sale. When asked why she decided to dedicate her time and energy to this bake sale, Kathryn answered, “My faith is the most important thing in my life. Stanwich Church has helped me build my relationship with God and I am so thankful for the connection, fellowship, and love Stanwich has provided me with. During a lesson at a recent student gathering, I was asked to think about the ways I could give back and share my experience with others. As a 17-year-old there aren’t many material things I can give. I felt called to give back the thing that we all have and that matters the most, love. I am so thankful for the faith and support I receive from Stanwich and the only thing I want is to spread God’s love to other people, especially other students. I am ecstatic about the Stamford mission and cannot wait to meet more students and expand God’s family!”

Kathryn’s words are truly inspiring and reflect a profound understanding of the blessings she has received through her church community and her desire to pass those same blessings on to others, especially to other young people. In a world often characterized by cynicism and division, Kathryn’s words serve as a reminder of the transformative power of faith and love. She embodies the spirit of generosity and service, an act best demonstrated by the life and teachings of Jesus.

Ultimately, Kathryn’s story is a testament to the hope we should have in this next generation. Her journey of faith and service reminds us all of the importance of gratitude, generosity, and spreading God’s love to others.

Rev. Dr. Nathan Hart is the Senior Pastor of Stanwich Church.

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