Editorial: Our CT Zoo

At the Greenwich Sentinel, we pride ourselves on the diverse array of narratives, perspectives, and engaging columns that we bring to our readers. Of these myriad offerings, one column resonates strongly with our audience week after week. This column is “Wildly Successful,” crafted by the Beardsley Zoo’s Jim Knox, a man deeply invested in the enthralling wonders of nature and its diverse creatures.

Knox’s credentials, as the Curator of Education for Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo and as a Science Advisor for The Bruce Museum, lend depth to his insightful narratives. However, it is his palpable enthusiasm that imbues each word he writes, enabling readers to connect with the natural world in a new way.

Every Friday, Knox escorts us on a journey into the natural world, showcasing the complex behaviors and survival tactics of various creatures. Whether it’s the bold apex predator the Golden Eagle or the remarkable near invulnerability of the Tardigrade, each column enlightens us about these ‘wildly successful’ species and their hidden wisdom, offering lessons we apply in our own lives.

His writings underscore the profound connection we share with the environment. A renowned conservationist once observed, “In wilderness is the preservation of the world.” Knox’s weekly columns, in a sense, echo this sentiment, enabling us to roam the wilderness, appreciate its beauty, and comprehend its crucial significance.

Knox’s commitment to wildlife extends beyond hisFriday column. It’s apparent in his vibrant interactions at the zoo, his dedicated research at the museum, and in his passionate discussions about the wild. This man carries a piece of the wilderness within him and generously shares its splendor with us through his words.

An esteemed member of The Explorers Club, a society deeply rooted in the spirit of exploration and scientific discovery, Knox’s work exemplifies this ethos. The Club, which counts pioneers like Sir Edmund Hillary and Neil Armstrong among its members, emphasizes respect for the environment and the promotion of scientific knowledge about the natural world. Knox’s approach mirrors this reverence for nature. His explorations are not intrusive; rather, he walks the untamed paths of nature, learns from it, and imparts those lessons to us in his weekly column.

John Muir, another esteemed explorer and conservationist, once said, “In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.” This message reverberates in each of Knox’s columns, where we not only learn about various species, but also discover profound insights applicable to our own lives.

In the frenzied pace of modern life, Knox’s weekly column provides a haven, a pause where we can slowdown, marvel at the wonders of the natural world, and be reminded of our intrinsic connection to nature and our duty to safeguard it.

Here at the Sentinel, we are committed to bringing diverse, informative, and enriching narratives to our readers. Knox’s “Wildly Successful” column is one such treasure that we are incredibly proud to share.

We are fortunate to have a zoo to enjoy that is less than thirty minutes away and always doing something amazing. This week, please take a moment to read the front page of the second section of the Sentinel as well, which features a story about the Glow Wild exhibit at the zoo now.

As you unfold your copy of the Sentinel this Friday, we hope that you will find inspiration and a sense of awe in Jim’s “Wildly Successful” column.

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