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Girls with Impact to Honor Amy France at 3rd Annual IWD Concert

By Emma Barhydt

On March 8th, Greenwich’s own philanthropist Amy France is being honored at the 3rd Annual International Women’s Day Benefit Concert with the Advancing Equity in Philanthropy Award presented by Girls with Impact. Amy is the co-founder of the Luke & Meadow Foundation with husband Brian. Named after her twins, France’s foundation has supported many charities supporting children. “As our kids have gotten older,” notes France, “causes such as turning girls into our next leaders has been on my radar and the work that Girls With Impact does is outstanding, and I am honored to be able to contribute.”

Amy believes that educating young women in the fields of business and leadership is key to seeing more women in the C-suite. “The more women we see in the C-Suite today will inspire the next generation of girls to believe that they can lead a Fortune 500 company or create the next billion-dollar idea,” says France.

Currently, women receive just 2% of the $150 billion in venture capital available. This means that many promising businesses run by women are never given the chance to succeed. By increasing funding for female entrepreneurs, both France and Girls with Impact are helping create more opportunities for women in business. France spoke on her vision for the future, “I want our future female leaders to keep dreaming, to keep reaching for goals, and to believe in themselves. And, in order for that to happen, it’s critical that we, collectively as a society, make a deliberate effort to ensure equality amongst youth, regardless of their gender.”

Empowering young women is the core of Girls with Impact, the nation’s leading Business and Leadership Academy, which is hosting its 3rd annual International Women’s Day Benefit Concert, presented by Citi with support from Eagle Point Credit Management and Live Nation Women. The concert will feature performances by R&B legend Valerie Simpson, who has composed for artists such as Diana Ross and Whitney Houston. Rising stars Ally Brooke and Darci Lynne will also perform. Both will award Girls With Impact scholarships to under-resourced young women in their hometowns of Texas and Oklahoma, respectively.

Girls With Impact offers tuition-free business and leadership education, and France believes that this is essential to empower the next generation of girls and women. “I have always said education is the great equalizer and girls and women are just as capable, talented, intelligent, passionate, and driven as boys and men,” remarked France.

The benefit concert will also recognize top leaders in business, philanthropy, and public service for their contributions to advancing women. GenZ CEOs, graduates of Girls With Impact, will introduce the performers and special guests.

When asked why they chose a concert as a fundraising vehicle, CEO of Girls with Impact Jennifer Openshaw said, “Our goal was to develop a unique event that showcases impactful women, and brings communities together to celebrate International Women’s Day. It’s an incredible opportunity that brings together musicians, newcomers, and role model philanthropists.”

Amy believes that having a fun event with star power helps raise awareness for the cause, and it’s a great way to teach her children about compassion and being a part of change in meaningful ways.

“Take advantage of this evening and celebrate women in your own life – moms, daughters, aunts, and even colleagues — through an energizing and impactful evening,“ closed Openshaw. The 3rd Annual International Women’s Day Benefit Concert will take place on March 8th at Town Hall in New York City. Tickets are on sale on Ticketmaster or visit www.girlswithimpact.org.

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