UPDATE:Battle of Badges Blood Drive

It’s the season of giving and Greenwich residents are donating more than just toys and money.
“Oh I can’t believe we got all these people to donate! The Red Cross needs that blood.” said Jean Watkins, who has been volunteering with the American Red Cross for 74 years.
Saturday morning, donors rolled up their sleeves to give a pint and save a life.
“This is our 7th Annual Battle of the Badges. It is a friendly competition between the Police, Fire and EMS,” said Chief James Heavey of the Greenwich Police Department. “Anybody who comes in a gets to vote for their favorite emergency services.”
“This is a time where there are a lot of surgeries and accidents and so the Red Cross really needs blood and we are really proud that people make a point to come to our blood drive every year. It really makes you feel good when you donate,” said Chief Heavey
At the halfway point of the friendly competition,the Police Department was ahead with GEMS gaining a few extra points.
The Greenwich Fire Department won the first ever Battle of the Badges but since then the Greenwich Police Department has taken the lead, winning the Battle of the Badges title five years in a row.
“But really everyone wins because each pint that the donors give can save up to three lives,” said Chief Heavey.
“It really does make a difference. It says on all the stickers that we give out ‘I Make a Difference’ and you really do,” said Anna Heavey, Vice President of the Greenwich Emergency Medical Services’ Explorers Program. “You are helping somebody who needs it and it such an easy thing to do. You lie down for half a hour and you are helping somebody.”
Another blood drive will take place after Christmas at the First Presbyterian Church of Greenwich.
UPDATE: For the sixth year in a row, the Greenwich Police Department took home the Battle of the Badges trophy, with 25 votes. Overall, the blood drive collected 58 units of blood. (Each pint donated can save up to three lives, meaning 174 lives can be saved thanks to those who donated this year.)