Michael Manning

First Selectman proclaims November as Greenwich Alliance for Education’s “Turkey Trot Fitness Challenge Month”

The Greenwich Alliance’s 10th annual Turkey Trot is REIMAGINED as a month-long community fitness challenge and encourages our community to get active. Look for Funky Turkey’s made by the Developing Artist grant program, register for your school to help win $500 prize, and post pictures using #GreenwichAllianceTurkeyTrot2020. Money raised supports Greenwich Alliance programs which fund innovation, expand opportunities, and inspire educators in the public schools.

Make it fun: Art Museums and galleries with kids

One of my favorite things to do with my own kids and younger students is to walk into a room filled with paintings and simply tell them to pick out their favorite piece. Ask them to close their eyes, turn around one time slowly, open them and pick their favorite painting. In a museum setting we would run from room to room picking out our favorite works of art this way. This simple game gave them control over what they were looking at and choosing, leading to more conversations about the work and overall day.

The Sketchbook: Every day, every way.

The answer can be as simple as a sketchbook. A sketchbook is many things, but most importantly it’s a gateway into larger artistic practices and the art world itself. Young artists should be encouraged to doodle, collect and record as often as possible so the book becomes a place to keep not only drawings but more importantly ideas.

A Backyard Art Studio!

During the summer months, keeping your child engaged in the creative process for hours only takes a few things: a little creativity, a designated backyard art studio space and the use of new materials to create a completely fresh approach to art and to each project. Here are a few suggestions for creating your studio space and for some of the most popular art projects in schools and camps.

First Bank of Greenwich Hosts Students Art Opening

First Bank of Greenwich hosted an art opening exhibit from Greenwich Middle School students. The event, sponsored by Frank Gaudio and the First Bank of Greenwich, was a success and a really fun night for students, friends and families. The bank is a big supporter of the arts and the event was an opportunity to collaborate with the Greenwich Public Schools, Greenwich Alliance for Education, Boys & Girls Club, the new student Curators Club and the Developing Artist Program, led by Michael Manning and Ben Quesnel. read more...