Marek Zabriskie

A Message from Our Local Clergy

As the Greenwich Fellowship of Clergy, we are so grateful for the ways that our community has pulled together to support one another in this difficult time.  We applaud our brave healthcare workers, first responders, all essential workers, and the many people who have helped their neighbors in extraordinary ways, even as they maintain social distancing.  For all those who have continued to support our local nonprofits, provided cans of food, and sacrificed time, energy and talent for others in these trying times, we say “thank you”.  There have been many points of light in this challenging time, that have encouraged us, as your faith leaders in our ministry.  We have all shared a common story these past few months and also have seen the best of what our community can be.  We stand together and invite you to continue the kindness and generosity of spirit we have seen in these days into our future life together.  read more...

Faith: What is It?

This column by Marek Zabriske, Rector of Christ Church Greenwich, addresses the idea of Faith and fear. He writes, “Thus, the opposite of faith is not doubt, but fear. Fear is the opposite of faith. Whatever we fear most, that is where God is calling us to develop faith. It is our spiritual growing edge. That is the place where God is calling us to move forward in trust and love.”