Telemedicine is a Godsend

During this pandemic, the benefits of technology have come to the fore – from giant multinational enterprises to small entrepreneurial organizations, across a broad array of industries both domestically and globally – allowing hundreds of millions of employees to work remotely, thus averting what surely could have been a massive global economic depression. Health care has been a primary participant, allowing patient visits without the risk of spreading COVID-19.

Storm Update

Getting the state back to full power and clearing roadways is expected to take between three and five days according to Gov. Lamont who has declared a state of emergency.First Selectman Fred Camillo has declared a local emergency to help deal with the aftermath of the storm. The first selectman has found that, as a result of the storm, a “condition of extreme peril to life and property” exists in town and has “declared a local civil preparedness emergency exists” in Greenwich. The police department recommends everyone limit their travel until the roadways are cleared of hazards. read more...