If only…

If you’re finding yourself thinking at times that if only things had been different we might have avoided a lot of suffering in the pandemic, you’re in good company. Even the people of God complained that if only they had known how hard their journeys would be. What if instead of complaining, we decided to start a transformation?

The Amazing Invitation of This Moment

The news over the last couple of weeks has brought such a mix of emotions. To see the world responding so loudly to George Floyd’s death and coming together at this moment has been moving and hopeful as the father of a black son. However, without specific actions and changes to accompany the protests and memorials, they will simply fall into the category of more “thoughts and prayers” and become a nice gesture that lacks any sort of depth or meaning.

With Faith and A Little Math

Suddenly there was hope! During the early days of fourth grade I learned that by taking trombone lessons it was possible to miss an entire period of math every week. How was this not going to be my best year in school ever? But everything you need to know about my experience with that trombone can be said in a few words. Within one month, I was back in math class and had put my musical career away for good. I decided to take my chances with word problems rather than musical notation. read more...