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Calls to Action

Calls to Action 1/15/21 Become a voice for Greenwich youth by applying to the Greenwich Sentinel Foundation Student Journalism Institute (SJI). The institute has…

Calls to Action wish granted

Thanks to the Greenwich Sentinel Foundation for publishing a Calls to Action for The Friends of Witherell’s and Greenwich Chaplaincy Services card drive. Cards…

Thanksgiving – Then and Now!

This year, Thanksgiving will be different – in ways we could never have envisioned at this time last year. The pandemic has forced us all to minimize travel. So we, like so many others, will have a small gathering this year. Thanksgiving is also blissfully devoid of the angst and stress that so often accompanies Christmas.

What if?

Witnessing a small, anonymous act of kindness from a stranger at a local shop served to inspire the writer and a growing circle in their own lives. We can each choose to ask "what if" we had the power to help someone we may never know?

Amateurs Who Care

It can be good to belong to something in a way that feels like a great fit, and to know that we fit in because our gifts are needed. Sometimes, however, we must stand out, and go against the grain.


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