Letter: Bocchino a Tireless Advocate

I am writing today to ask for your support in reelecting Mike Bocchino as our state representative from the 150th district.  Mike has served us well; you have read or heard elsewhere of his many accomplishments in Hartford which have benefited his constituents back home in Greenwich. But here is something you might not have known—an example of how Mike is always working diligently and without fanfare behind the scenes to help and support the citizens of Old Greenwich and Riverside. read more...

Letter: In Support of Livvy Floren

To the Editor,
I write to support enthusiastically the candidacy of Livvy Floren for re-election as State Representative. We, her constituents, are most fortunate that she has agreed to serve another term, a real sacrifice by a dedicated public servant who derives no personal benefit from representing us.
Livvy leads State support for worthy non-profit organizations and the environment, and watches carefully over State expenditures and bonding. She is also personally a wise counselor to and active participant in several such local organizations. While I do believe there need to be tolls on commercial vehicles on the highways of Connecticut legally restricted to restoring the State’s infrastructure, Livvy’s over-all record is outstanding and appreciated by members of both parties in the State Legislature.
Thank you for joining me in voting for the reelection of Livvy Floren.
Peter L. Malkin