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Column: Should We Not Have Concern for the City?

Developers understand that when city populations grow, they will need to build more restaurants, apartments, and schools. In the same way, for the church to follow God on his mission of love for people, we will need to plant many more church plants in cities.

Mistakes Dads Make (and How to Redeem Them)

The emotional climate in which we were raised, the DNA we inherited, and especially the wounds inflicted on us in childhood may all be influencing our behaviors now. But with the power of forgiveness we can experience redemption.

Why Are We So Busy?

Busyness can be a symptom of a deep spiritual problem. When we forget God’s love we anxiously work to be loved, but when we remember God and all that he has accomplished for us, beyond us, and in us, we can take a break; we can rest.

Finding Contentment in a World of Comparison

By nature, people tend to "compare and despair." We feel a little better about ourselves if we determine that our own stuff is better than someone else’s, and we feel worse if we determine the opposite. How can we find contentment in a world of comparison?

The Emotional Vaccine We All Need

This year, as we emerge from the pandemic, we’ll need to re-learn and regather into the full life of church and society. It will take time, effort, and intentionality. But it will be worth it. If the Covid vaccine is the cure for the virus, regathering as a community of faith is the emotional and spiritual vaccine we all need now.

How We Get Out of This Mess

The diagnosis of nation's problems is that we have lost the narrative and confused our identities. The solution is not political but spiritual. It’s not in revenge but grace. It’s not in ourselves or our screens, but comes from God and his word.

Breaking News: There Is A Better Story

While emotionalized news creates compelling, even addictive programs that produce lucrative advertising revenue for the networks, their overall effect on individual viewers and collective society is psychologically damaging. The narrative of Scripture tells a better story than the one being told by television news.
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