Category: On Faith

Column: Wanted: Good Neighbors

Thank God that God is always reaching out to us, drawing near to help and heal. Thank God for the God-given power that helps us to touch lives in ways that heal rather than harm: to build bridges of understanding rather than walls that separate. Let’s put that power to good use.

Column: What Lies Beyond Life?

No one knows for certain what lies after death, but Christianity assures us that it will be greater than what we can imagine, and those who believe in it approach death with far greater peace and acceptance.

Column: Get in the Game

We often approach life with a fierce independence, to the extent that we are wary of the goals of the community interfering with our individual preferences. But Scripture points out that the Christian life is a team sport. Particularly in times of testing, we have a responsibility to one another that, when embraced, ultimately launches us toward true greatness.

Column: The God of Good Surprises

God loves good surprises...surprises that contribute to the goodness of life, and draw us more deeply into the mystery and wonder of creation. In contrast with those who enact and support violence, the God of good surprises takes us off guard by offering us beauty, healing, and love, just when we need them most.

Column: Why pray?

Individual and communal prayer brings people together uniting us with God's never ceasing presence. Through prayer we are empowered and strengthened for the journey of life.
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