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Watchwords: From Dissonance to Harmony

By Drew Williams Accepting the prestigious Templeton Award this year, the esteemed scientist and Christian, Dr. Francis S. Collins, remarked, “…I have chosen to…

Where is God In Times of Instability?

This entry is is about where God is in times of instability? I speak about a personal experience that has taught me how to answer this question on a larger scale. I refer to that most famous Psalm, Psalm 23, and reference it as I have experienced the same answer to my question he received all those years ago.

Mistakes Dads Make (and How to Redeem Them)

The emotional climate in which we were raised, the DNA we inherited, and especially the wounds inflicted on us in childhood may all be influencing our behaviors now. But with the power of forgiveness we can experience redemption.

True Marks of Freedom

There is a source of oppression holding us captive and also a force of freedom not marked by legislation or celebrated with public parades. By experiencing true freedom for ourselves, we can be empowered to work to liberate others so that they too may have abundant life.

Why Are We So Busy?

Busyness can be a symptom of a deep spiritual problem. When we forget God’s love we anxiously work to be loved, but when we remember God and all that he has accomplished for us, beyond us, and in us, we can take a break; we can rest.
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