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“When did you grow a goatee?”

As we head towards our one year anniversary of forced family togetherness, it may be time to reconnect to those people who have become the ironing boards in our lives. In trying to set up some distance from our spouse/partner and children who have been physically in our space, we may have pulled back from sharing what is going on with us mentally, emotionally and socially.

I Want to be a Lion Tamer

As we go into the future, most of our children will most likely have more than one job and more than one career, but with a little education and experience maybe they can make better, more informed choices and receive a measure of satisfaction with what they do.

O Christmas Tree

By: Mary Forde When we lived on the second floor in a brownstone in Brooklyn, our landlord lived below us on the “parlor floor”…

Happy Thanksgiving Mrs. Winter

By: Mary Forde Growing up, my brother with disabilities was something like the character “Pig Pen” in Charlie Brown comics – there always seemed…

Sensory Summer

Everything about quarantine was designed to keep us from using our senses (masks, gloves, distancing, disinfectant). Use the summer to get back in touch and smell and taste.

When I was Nine, I Contracted Scarlet Fever

When I was about nine years old, I contracted Scarlet Fever, which I then passed on to my father and at least one of my siblings. This caused the family to be quarantined in our house for almost three weeks. After all these years, I remember that my father can’t dance, my mother isn’t a cook but that together they could make quarantine into magic.

Activities of Daily Living

we seem to have forgotten that we need to teach our children the basic daily living skills (usually referred to as ADL skills)
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