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How to Keep Doors Open

By Lockey Coughlin “Keep as many doors open as possible.” This is one of my favorite education metaphors. I visualize this as a child…

Put Your Best Voice Forward

Voice work isn’t just for singers and actors. Voice work is for all. We all have the right to have a free and powerful voice that exudes confidence, authority, that could inspire and lead the world to positive change. Read here to learn how your voice can bring positive change, for yourself, your business, and yes, even the world.

Don’t Panic: A Movement in Education

Don't Panic is a fledgling movement in education and a term coined by veteran homeschooler, Adrianne Roberts. Read here about the experiences that inspired this idea and some simple ways that you, too, might move out of panic mode.

9 Specific Things To Do to Set Your Children Up for Success

A simple, clear, go-to checklist of strategies to help parents who are schooling at home problem-solve. If schooling your children at home is challenging you in new ways, now that the novelty has worn off, this article will help you refocus your efforts.
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