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Cardinal Stadium is Open

Greenwich High School welcomed back their football Cardinals in dramatic fashion at the official grand reopening of Cardinal Stadium. The Cardinals played host to…

A Glimmer of Hope

When life changes and times are difficult we can show children what our family beliefs and values are by how we are reacting to new and different situations. By making our beliefs and values know helps to connect parents and children and build strong family bonds that last a lifetime.

Parents; The First Educators of a Child

Some of the most important cognitive development happens during the pre-school years. Parents as the first teacher of a child can be co-educators with the classroom teacher . Mutual support between teacher and parent adds the the developmental growth of the child.

How the Environment Affects Learning

The environment we give children has a impact on how children can learn. It dictates how children think feel and behave. When the environment is carefully arranged, it not only inspires learning it conveys to children our positive image of them.

The World’s Greatest Playground

The importance of outside play in cold weather is invaluable for young children. Children's critical thinking skills, learning how to problem solve, balance, independence among many other skills are all at work exploring the different characteristics that winter has to offer. We should allow children many opportunities to engage in the exploration of this season.

Every Child Is A Student

By Lee Longo As I sat in a nail salon early one Saturday morning, I overheard two women having a conversation. “How did your…
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