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Column: Black Environmentalist History Month

In exploring the intersection of environmentalism with Black history we can illuminate stories that demonstrate the universal power of the natural world to unite us through a shared pursuit of knowledge and spirit of conservation.

For the Love of a Greater Good

For the Love of Birds, in support of Neighbor to Neighbor, is a month-long celebration of backyard bird feeding and the special access to nature it brings. As we educate about how and why we create food-source hot-spots for our feathered friends, we also acknowledge the dire need for food many families in our area face as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Summer Wonder: By Any Means Necessary

Virtual summer camp programs can deliver the exchanges that produce new understandings of the natural world and inspire young minds to make the most of their largest classroom, the outdoors. Online nature learning with Audubon and other environmental organizations can bring the wonders of summer to people with limited access to nature and new learners all around the word.

Joyful Discovery Together… and You Can Too!

Birding is a fantastic way to bring a little direction and purpose to a nature exploration, wherever you choose to explore from. With instantly recognizable backyard favorites and rare neo-tropical migrants alike, birds offer so much to look at, to talk about and to discover. It won’t take long before you begin to notice distinct personalities and signature behaviors.

A Changing Reality Our Children Now Face

With a recent flood of scientific studies and news coverage detailing the effects a changing climate has had and will have on wildlife, the economy, national security and quality of life, climate is a topic that is now impossible to avoid. For grade-school aged children, the science can be confusing and the headlines can be anxiety-inducing. As parents, teachers and caregivers, it is incumbent upon us to create a context for youth to understand what is going on in a developmentally appropriate way.

Risk vs Danger: Outdoor Play and Living IRL

As parents and teachers, we have the responsibility of keeping our children safe, however, eliminating the possibility of risk as opposed to the presence of danger can rob a child of the critical ability to differentiate between a risk to be overcome through skill development and a danger to be avoided.

Tracks & Traces: Your Outdoor Mystery Adventure Starts Here

Finding evidence of animal behavior is an easy way to practice the scientific method through a fun and engaging activity outdoors. There are tracks and traces to be found all year, but winter offers the advantages of snow and some special animal behavior that makes track and trace hunts even more interesting. Don’t forget that spending time together outdoors can happen any time of year.
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