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Meaningful Math

By Clay Kaufman Math is a challenge for many students, and traditional ways of teaching math often frustrate them. You may remember your own…

Finding Students’ Strengths

It’s important to help your children build their core academic skills, even in areas that are challenging for them. But it’s equally important to help them discover and build on their strengths—what they’re good at and what makes brings them joy—as those strengths may well lead to their lifelong career.

Teaching: More Than Content

History classes in schools typically focus on rushing through content, instead of finding ways to make history more personal and compelling for students. A focus on primary sources and guest speakers who lived through history, can make learning much more relevant and spark true curiosity.

Education Doesn’t Stop When the School Day Ends

As parents, we are the primary educators of our children - even during their years in school. They turn to us for information and to make sense of the world. How can we help educate our children at home and reinforce what they're learning in school?

Finding the Right Fit

The right kind of educational program can make a huge difference for student happiness and success. In our area, there are so many different and wonderful schools. How can parents find the "right fit" for their child's educational needs?
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