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Janusz Korczak poses with children and staff in his orphanage

A Man Worth Remembering

A man that recognized children as individuals worthy of respect and with the ability to drive their own learning, a man that spoke out for the rights and lives of children, a man that gave his life in service of children, is surely a man that is good at heart; Janusz Korczak is a man worth remembering—and his ideals are worthy aspirations.

Two Polar Opposite Feelings

By Adam Rohdie I know that while very unusual, it is possible to be overtaken by two polar opposite feelings. At the writing of…


Great schools teach kindness, empathy, respect, and care for others, then catch children in the act

A New Way to Learn

My hope for the next decade is that many more students are able to have the transformative educational experience of being part of a “team” that realizes amazing accomplishments.

Redefining Rigor

A recent Yale University study notes that high school students are —“bored”, “stressed” and “tired.” Educational rigor needs to be redefined in order to be effective and long-lasting. Rigor redefined is taking content knowledge to a deeper level of understanding, fostering curiosity and choice, and constructing new meaning to solve real-world problems.
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