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Using Saws, Hammers and Drills to Build Confidence

Woodworking is a unique experience for children as young as three years old. When preschoolers are given the opportunity to participate in their own safety, they really rise to the occasion. It is also an outstanding way to stimulate creativity.

Canvas for Expression

Connect joy and learning and you will set children on a path to success. You will also find out what truly interests your child when you provide open ended art materials and let them explain what it means.

Changing the World Through Children

Recent events and protests remind thoughtful parents, educators and other adults that we need to model and teach prosocial and inclusive behaviors. This article discusses some appropriate ways impact the future through our children.

A Healthy School Community

In early childhood classrooms, children will be exposed to new germs and illnesses. There are simple steps that you can take to keep your child and your school healthier. Remember that children are building their resistance and growing stronger.
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