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Column: The Impact of Elvis

The latest film about Elvis provides us with a story about the legendary king of rock and roll that goes beyond his good looks and provocative moves.

Column: We Need a Little Downton, Now!

The power of the arts to transport us to different times and places is never more important or needed than today, when we are all so necessarily focused on challenging and troubling events throughout our nation and the world.

Young People and the Power of the Arts

The Avon received a record number of applications for its annual Scholarship Essay Contest on "Why Film Matters." Through their submissions, our region's High School seniors demonstrate the unique power of film to identify the greatest challenges confronting their generation and to highlight the collective actions needed to address them!

Film Can Change the World

By Stuart Adelberg Film Can Change the World Since joining the Avon Theatre Film Center, I have written frequently about the unique and extraordinary…

The Human Factor

While ideas and events all matter – people are the driving force behind any true compromise or lack thereof. Honest negotiations on issues of substance cannot occur until the people on both sides see and treat each other as human beings, find some common goal, and recognize, even in bitter disagreement, that both sides have valid concerns.

Inspiring Audiences in Challenging Times

The Avon strives to continue serving the community - and providing audiences with the inspiration of quality cinema, while navigating through the ever-changing challenges brought on by the coronavirus.

It’s Not the Activities We Miss – It’s the People

In order to limit the spread of COVID 19, we are staying home and have substituted many of the activities we once cherished with other activities, yet these substitutes are only partially successful at filling the void. This is because “it’s not the activities we miss, it’s the people.”
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