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Column: The Economy, The Stock Market, The World…

The last “bear market” in 2008 preceded most Millennials’ and all Gen-Zs’ entry into the workforce. A word of advice to them: Take the long view and don’t panic out of the market. Use this bear market as an opportunity to add to your retirement accounts. You will be rewarded in the years ahead

Thanksgivin In the Time of COVID

The long American tradition of assembling family, friends and others for a meal of thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of November was shattered in 2020 because of COVID. There is light at the end of the tunnel this year thanks to vaccines and booster. Good reason for thanks.

The COVID Vaccine Experience — Thank you, Health Care Workers of Connecticut

Skepticism of government-run programs is often justified. But not in this case in Connecticut. Last fall Governor Lamont assembled his COVID-19 Vaccine Advisory Group in a masterful fashion by including an array of community leaders, from medical professionals, to academicians, from government officials to a minister and even the head of the AFL-CIO in the state. the result has been an undeniable success.

Back to the Future – And I Love It!

Since the onset of the pandemic, the benefits of technology have manifested themselves in saving countless lives and mitigating serious economic damage. Other blessings have abounded as well – and a simpler and less hectic life that allows time to cook meals at home is one of my favorites.

Telemedicine is a Godsend

During this pandemic, the benefits of technology have come to the fore - from giant multinational enterprises to small entrepreneurial organizations, across a broad array of industries both domestically and globally - allowing hundreds of millions of employees to work remotely, thus averting what surely could have been a massive global economic depression. Health care has been a primary participant, allowing patient visits without the risk of spreading COVID-19.
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