Behind Our Masks, We Are Smiling and Ready

The Greenwich Catholic School Reopening Guidelines have been meticulously planned. We have incorporated the guidance of numerous educators, our Superintendent, and state and local health officials to insure we are poised for success as we enter this most unusual and unprecedented year. It is our goal each day to support the health, safety and emotional well-being of everyone in the GCS community.

Wildly Successful: The Honey Bee

We have a species living in our midst which contributes more than 25 billion dollars to the U.S. economy each year! This Greenwich resident also produces a healing super-food, contributes a treatment for arthritis, and aids us in the fight against cancer. Read on to discover more about our truly amazing neighbor!

Telemedicine is a Godsend

During this pandemic, the benefits of technology have come to the fore – from giant multinational enterprises to small entrepreneurial organizations, across a broad array of industries both domestically and globally – allowing hundreds of millions of employees to work remotely, thus averting what surely could have been a massive global economic depression. Health care has been a primary participant, allowing patient visits without the risk of spreading COVID-19.