Designing the New Bruce

Something exciting, forward-looking and hopeful is happening in October right in the heart of downtown Greenwich. The Bruce Museum, our own cultural “gem” which focuses on both the arts and science, is beginning construction on what will become the “New Bruce”. The New Bruce is being called a “reimagining” of our beloved local Museum, and will be double the size of the existing Museum.

The Sketchbook: Every day, every way.

The answer can be as simple as a sketchbook. A sketchbook is many things, but most importantly it’s a gateway into larger artistic practices and the art world itself. Young artists should be encouraged to doodle, collect and record as often as possible so the book becomes a place to keep not only drawings but more importantly ideas.

Life on “New” Terms

Let us take a minute to exhale and assess how we made it through the past six (6) months, what was the “it factor” that offered a sense of sanity, what became your vice? How do you make it through safely day-by-day? Let us continue to do the best we can daily and be kind to one another by offering support and Love.