If only…

If you’re finding yourself thinking at times that if only things had been different we might have avoided a lot of suffering in the pandemic, you’re in good company. Even the people of God complained that if only they had known how hard their journeys would be. What if instead of complaining, we decided to start a transformation?

VIP Access for All

In a year that offered many of us the chance to notice our natural world at a slower pace, this autumn presents us with another special opportunity to experience the beauty of nature through new eyes. Everyone deserves access to the Very Important Places near them, and we are all responsible for reducing barriers if we have the power to do so.

A Letter to My Colleagues: Prioritize Self-Care

In October, we celebrate National Principals Month. However, during this celebration, we must also recognize the ongoing challenges of these relentless times that has required principals to be nimble and flexible enough to respond to urgent, novel and evolving matters thereby expanding the traditional role and responsibilities of the principal. Therefore, it is paramount that educational leaders practice self-care to enable them to maintain a pace that will help them to thrive and meet the mercurial demands of the position.

September Sales are Another Record – Why Aren’t Prices Up More

Sales were up 150% in September and set a record for any month since the recession and also were the best September for any year. Market activity is as high as it has been all year with contracts up 150% over last year. Contracts may have peaked albeit in August rather than in May like in normal year. Home prices in Greenwich have risen, but not as much as you might expect with this level of demand.

Political Classroom Discussions

Schools have been seen as safe places for the exchange of different ideas and perspectives. Unfortunately, the inclusive climate that once characterized our schools is deteriorating. The value of political classroom discussions on relevant issues is increasingly important. A well-educated and informed citizen is at the heart of our democracy.