Sandboxx switches up business focus to cope with COVID-19

A review of how the military communications company Sandboxx, founded in Greenwich, dealt with the COVID-19 pandemic – as well as an overlook of the company’s origins. Sandboxx switched its business focus and implemented an experimental store on its website, which has now seen a 1900% increase in sales since earlier this year. Sandboxx was founded in Greenwich in 2013 and later moved its offices closer to the Pentagon in Arlington, Va.

Educating Towards Understanding

This article focuses on the impact of education and conversation regarding race in schools and in the home, and how this can reshape one’s understanding and appreciation towards differences in others. While these conversations may have once been considered “taboo”, today they are crucial steps towards advocating for justice and change. By acknowledging and praising our differences, we are able to shape a brighter future.