On Faith

Jealous of My Five Year Old

While I watched my five-year-old play in water that was far too cold, I realized that I wished I had what he did in that moment. This child-like enthusiasm that didn’t care about anyone else and was solely set on just being the best version of myself that I could. Why do I repress myself based on what others think so much and what can I do to be more comfortable in my own skin?

Faith: What is It?

This column by Marek Zabriske, Rector of Christ Church Greenwich, addresses the idea of Faith and fear. He writes, “Thus, the opposite of faith is not doubt, but fear. Fear is the opposite of faith. Whatever we fear most, that is where God is calling us to develop faith. It is our spiritual growing edge. That is the place where God is calling us to move forward in trust and love.”

With Faith and A Little Math

Suddenly there was hope! During the early days of fourth grade I learned that by taking trombone lessons it was possible to miss an entire period of math every week. How was this not going to be my best year in school ever? But everything you need to know about my experience with that trombone can be said in a few words. Within one month, I was back in math class and had put my musical career away for good. I decided to take my chances with word problems rather than musical notation. read more...