Category: Nathan Hart

How We Get Out of This Mess

The diagnosis of nation's problems is that we have lost the narrative and confused our identities. The solution is not political but spiritual. It’s not in revenge but grace. It’s not in ourselves or our screens, but comes from God and his word.

Breaking News: There Is A Better Story

While emotionalized news creates compelling, even addictive programs that produce lucrative advertising revenue for the networks, their overall effect on individual viewers and collective society is psychologically damaging. The narrative of Scripture tells a better story than the one being told by television news.

A Letter To My Future Self

The nation is hurtling back into its pre-pandemic pace. Here are a few friendly reminders of some good things to keep from the season of quarantine.

Are People Basically Good or Basically Bad?

Are humans basically good or basically bad? Throughout history, we have created and accomplished things that are both wonderful and terrible—we have walked on the moon and we have enslaved entire races. So, which is it: Are we sinners or are we saints?
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