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Where Do We Go from Here?

This is a highly divisive time, and we would be wise to reduce our almost addictive focus on the news in order to listen to the voice of God speak to us and give us.

Let Freedom Ring

By Marek P. Zabriskie This Saturday, our nation will celebrate the 244th anniversary of our nation’s independence. As a child, my family and I…

Must a Christian Fight for Justice?

By Marek Zabriskie A generalization can be made that liberal mainline churches have focused on social justice and outreach while evangelical churches have focused…

Benefit Finding

By Marek Zabriskie Dear Class of 2020: Congratulations! What a time to be graduating. Covid-19 brought the curtain down abruptly on your scholastic year,…

Faith: What is It?

This column by Marek Zabriske, Rector of Christ Church Greenwich, addresses the idea of Faith and fear. He writes, "Thus, the opposite of faith is not doubt, but fear. Fear is the opposite of faith. Whatever we fear most, that is where God is calling us to develop faith. It is our spiritual growing edge. That is the place where God is calling us to move forward in trust and love."
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