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Condos a Vital and Growing Part of the Greenwich Real Estate Market

Condos have been quietly playing a bigger and bigger role in Greenwich. in 2012 condos were only 22% of our market by 2017 they had soared to over 36% of our residential market. Since 2012, they have continued each year to be over 30% of sales compared to single family home sales. Our contracts are up and we will see quicker condo sales soon.

Greenwich Real Estate Market Stays Busy in May 2020

The Greenwich real estate market is being driven not only by buyers from NYC, but also buyers in Greenwich that are looking to upsize in mid-country and backcountry. Sales are 13% while inventory is down 23%. Condo townhouses without interior common spaces are also doing well.

Greenwich Real Estate April Market Report

Up until April the Covid virus had had a limited effect on the Greenwich real estate market. In April we saw a decline in sales as people buyers didn't come out as much, however all of those that did were serious buyers. With 96 contracts we will continue to see sales in May.


The Greenwich, CT rental market is up this year driven by the COVID-19 pandemic. House rentals over $10,000 per month have surged, while rentals of lower end apartments have actually fallen slightly as they don't provide the social distance that tenants are looking for.

House Hunting in a Pandemic

Technology, the internet and friends give you powerful ways to search for a house without ever leaving your home. It's also a nice way to keep connected and focused.
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