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In Greenwich’s Hottest Sales Year Why are Some Neighborhood Stats Down?

Covid clearly pushed up sales in Greenwich, Connecticut, but other factors led to increased sales in 2021. People want bigger houses and bigger lots, the opposite of what they wanted after the Recession. As a result some neighborhoods did extraordinarily well, while other actually saw a slight decline in sales. Trends indicate that price may jump in

The 2020 Greenwich Real Estate Market Year in Review

Greenwich's real estate market is having a record year in 2020 driven by several factors as well as the pandemic. The national media and social media are reshaping the view of both the Greenwich and New York City market.

Greenwich Neighborhood Sales August 2020 – Most Up, A Few Down

Sales are up 28% and contracts are up 133% as buyers from NYC and buyers looking to upgrade within Greenwich are driving the market. At the same time inventory is down making for a tight market. In spite of the demand, not every neighborhood in Greenwich is doing better as discussed here.

August Sales Off the Chart – Contracts Up 133%

August 2020 was a record for any August sales in Greenwich. The last two weeks were the busiest of the year with over 60 transactions each week. 48 out of 108 sales in August went for full list price or over list price. A couple of stats may be indicating an August peak, but other point to continued growth.

How to be the Winning Bidder in a Tight Market

Being the winning bidder when there are multiple bidders takes preparation, team building and execution. If you do this better than the other bidders you can get the house even when you may not be the highest bidder.

June Real Estate Market Strong

The Covid virus is driving sales in Greenwich with people looking for more land, larger houses and more amenities. We are seeing major turn-arounds in neighborhoods that were tough sells only 3 months ago. Greenwich is new sweet spot in the Covid era.

Market Report: Home Sales Surge In June

Covid motivated sales continue to drive Greenwich sales. At the end of May we had 299 sales and contracts, then June came along and sales and contracts surged to 423 houses sold or under contract; an increase of 41% in one month. The story at the upper end is even more dramatic. Above $3 million we went from 68 sales and contracts at the end of May to 111 sales and contracts in June, an increase of 63%. By far our most dramatic jump was closed high-end sales over $5 million which are up 271% in just one month, but more about that later.
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