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Inventory is way down in Greenwich. In fact, it’s at all-time, record lows. At the end of February, we only had 277 listings and this was actually down from January 1st which is traditionally the low point of the year for inventory. This low inventory is being caused by a variety factors including private sales, homeowners waiting to be vaccinated, little shadow inventory and very little new construction.

2020 – A Very Good Year for Greenwich Condo Sales

Greenwich Condo sales had an amazing year, which is surprising given that many Covid refugees fled NYC to get away from densely built housing. In Greenwich that wasn't true, at least not in the last 5 months of the year where sales were up over 100% from 2019.

In Greenwich’s Hottest Sales Year Why are Some Neighborhood Stats Down?

Covid clearly pushed up sales in Greenwich, Connecticut, but other factors led to increased sales in 2021. People want bigger houses and bigger lots, the opposite of what they wanted after the Recession. As a result some neighborhoods did extraordinarily well, while other actually saw a slight decline in sales. Trends indicate that price may jump in

The 2020 Greenwich Real Estate Market Year in Review

Greenwich's real estate market is having a record year in 2020 driven by several factors as well as the pandemic. The national media and social media are reshaping the view of both the Greenwich and New York City market.
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