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This Conservation Story Will Surprise You

The Wild Turkey, a staple for survival in the early days of the Plymouth Colony, was completely exterminated from Massachusetts and Connecticut by the mid 1800's. This remarkable creature represents one of the greatest species recoveries in American history. Learn about the animal behind the holiday.

Meet the Animal That is More Resourceful than All Others

Tigers are among the most impressive solitary beasts on the planet. Their distant mammalian cousins, the prairie dogs, are among nature's most successful. Meet a third species which can adapt and thrive in the most challenging environmental conditions.

The Wood Frog: An Animal Superhero

We have a native Connecticut species which defies logic and inspires wonder. It can actually survive being frozen solid and reanimate without any ill effects whatsoever. Join us to learn the identity and other phenomenal abilities of this humble creature.

Lessons We Need to Learn from the Southern Flying Squirrel

We have a Greenwich neighbor most of us have never met. This rarely seen Connecticut mammal possesses a trait--even remarkable within the animal kingdom--the ability to glide nearly the length of a football field! Join us to meet this mystery creature.

The Harbor Seal Returns

I remember them squinting–blinking back the silvery glare of Long Island Sound’s ice and waves magnified through the Swarovski spotting scope. Bundled up in…

We Should All Nap Like the American Black Bear

Did you know that in 2019, Black Bears were recorded 4 times in Greenwich, and likely seen and not reported dozens of times? Reaching lengths of 6.5 feet and weights of up to 650 pounds, The American Black Bear is no lightweight! Meet our state's largest terrestrial carnivore and learn the remarkable survival strategies it employs to survive and thrive through the harshest New England winters.
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