Zane Khader

Thriving in Quarantine

With COVID-19 creating an unprecedented situation, it can be easy to lose hope. But, with a shift in perspective, this period of time offers many benefits that were unobtainable otherwise. Zane discusses how he’s been thriving in quarantine, despite having his last semester at Greenwich High School entirely online.

A 17 Year-Old’s Perspective on the College Process

Are you a concerned parent, teacher, or student looking to gain a sense of perspective on the impact of the college process on high school students? In this column, Zane Khader (a senior at GHS) provides a real and relevant perspective on how the college process affects high school students and how parents can take an active role in their child’s development by emphasizing a goal-oriented approach to life.

The Ambitious Student’s Dilemma

As young people gradually make the transition to adulthood, their search for identity can lead them to desire greater accomplishments. But, as their dreams outgrow their opportunities, many students can become susceptible to becoming disillusioned with schoolwork. To combat this, schools should welcome more opportunities for students to demonstrate their skills with real-world businesses.