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Continuity in Education

by Patrice Kopas We have reached the one year mark of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States. At the end of the school…

Behind Our Masks, We Are Smiling and Ready

The Greenwich Catholic School Reopening Guidelines have been meticulously planned. We have incorporated the guidance of numerous educators, our Superintendent, and state and local health officials to insure we are poised for success as we enter this most unusual and unprecedented year. It is our goal each day to support the health, safety and emotional well-being of everyone in the GCS community.

To the Class of 2020: Your Future Awaits!

As the Class of 2020 heads into an uncertain future that changes before their eyes, it’s important to remember the lessons they learned along the way. These lessons will define them as they move to the next phase of their academic careers.

It’s Not the Building. It’s the People.

We miss the community that breathes life into our school every day; students laughing in the halls. teachers walking through the rows to correct work in real-time, morning announcements filled with athletic news, prayers, the Pledge of Allegiance and birthday wishes. These sounds are what make a school building come alive. This energy is what makes a building a school - and what makes us a home away from home.

Parental Guidance Suggested

Students can learn to self-advocate from the time they are in PreK. In fact, learning this skill early in life builds self-confidence, empowers decision-making, and develops a sense of ownership of an outcome, especially if they have had to struggle and even fail before succeeding.


Is it possible for your student to keep learning over the holiday break? Yes it is, and here are some easy tips for how to keep them thinking while they're busy having fun.

It’s Conference Time: Use It Wisely

Parent/Teacher Conferences are around the corner. Want to know how to make your conferences as productive as possible? Here are some tips to be sure you get the most out of your time.
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