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Something to Celebrate

Greenwich Public schools did the right thing for children by providing the option of full-time school in grades K-8.

I’m Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay

Some of the best thinking happens when kids are ‘bored’. So take away their phone, iPad, or Chromebook. Block Fortnite, and Instaface ( I know it's not really called that) and let them be ‘bored’. Rather than fix it, encourage it.

Keep Calm and Parent On

With all that is going on right now, It would be reasonable to ask why schools need to assign ANY work to the kids? Why are we potentially adding to the anxiety of the household? The answer is simple - structure. In times such as these, the more familiar and real we make it for all of us the saner the world appears.

Focus on the Behavior, not the Label

By focusing on labeling a child a ‘bully’ or a ‘victim’, we miss the opportunity to educate and really change behaviors. The focus should be on the act itself and its impact on others rather than on a label.

Finding the Balance

Finding the right balance between academic challenge and social-emotional comfort should be the goal.

What Makes a Great Teacher?

Good teaching is holding kids accountable. It is not giving up on a child or allowing them to give up on themselves. It is about showing every day that you care. Children do not learn from people they do not like and who they suspect do not like them. In the end, kids work for people not for grades.

Allow your child to learn from their mistakes

Middle school is the time to learn from one’s poor decisions when the stakes aren't quite so high. When you fly in to ‘rescue’ your child, you miss an opportunity for the child to learn from their errors in judgment and, believe me, every child has these lapses.
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