Gordon Beinstein

Keep Calm and Parent On

With all that is going on right now, It would be reasonable to ask why schools need to assign ANY work to the kids? Why are we potentially adding to the anxiety of the household? The answer is simple – structure. In times such as these, the more familiar and real we make it for all of us the saner the world appears.

School and Families as Partners

As a building principal, I often have the opportunity to speak with colleagues of mine who hold the same title. This is a result of both the need to collaborate with those dealing with similar issues and the fact that no one else will speak with us! It is not uncommon for these conversations to quickly turn to stories of negative interactions with the parents of the students in their schools. They speak about contentious PPT meetings and unsupportive discipline calls. They share tales of parents demanding teacher changes or a course level switch. They lament the pushback they get when enforcing school rules and student expectations. I have little to share during these discussions. I have been blessed with a parent population that is willing and eager to work with our staff in the best interest of their kids. This doesn’t mean that we always agree on what that should look like, but we have gotten to the point where both parent and school personnel trust that all involved have the child’s best interest at heart. read more...