Eli Schaffer

Summer Wonder: By Any Means Necessary

Virtual summer camp programs can deliver the exchanges that produce new understandings of the natural world and inspire young minds to make the most of their largest classroom, the outdoors. Online nature learning with Audubon and other environmental organizations can bring the wonders of summer to people with limited access to nature and new learners all around the word.

A Changing Reality Our Children Now Face

With a recent flood of scientific studies and news coverage detailing the effects a changing climate has had and will have on wildlife, the economy, national security and quality of life, climate is a topic that is now impossible to avoid. For grade-school aged children, the science can be confusing and the headlines can be anxiety-inducing. As parents, teachers and caregivers, it is incumbent upon us to create a context for youth to understand what is going on in a developmentally appropriate way.

Tracks & Traces: Your Outdoor Mystery Adventure Starts Here

Finding evidence of animal behavior is an easy way to practice the scientific method through a fun and engaging activity outdoors. There are tracks and traces to be found all year, but winter offers the advantages of snow and some special animal behavior that makes track and trace hunts even more interesting. Don’t forget that spending time together outdoors can happen any time of year.