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Mental Wellness in Young Children during Challenging Times

We’ve entered perhaps the darkest winter we will ever face in our lifetime. We have no research to demonstrate the long-term effects the pandemic will have on children's mental health. It is essential to support the mental wellness of young children in an effort to minimize the long-term socioemotional and psychological effects of the pandemic.

Teaching Young Children Responsibility

Early Childhood is an excellent time to teach your child responsibility in caring for your household and contributing to the family. As a well-run preschool classroom includes classroom jobs for children such as door holder and snack helper, so appropriate home responsibilities are an essential component in young children's development. Responsibilities at home prove to increase children's independence, sense of accomplishment, confidence, and strengthen the family bond.

The Power and Limits of Choices

Offering young children choices builds confidence in their ability to make decisions and become independent. Providing children opportunities to make small choices between two or three options can help defuse power struggles and give children a perceived sense of control in a world where most decisions are made for them. Simultaneously, setting limits with choices is essential. Offering choices too frequently, giving too many choices or giving choices with too much responsibility can do more harm than good.
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