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Caring For Children During the Pandemic

This article shares ways we can support and care for children during the pandemic. It focuses on keeping regular daily routines for children and adults engaging in self-care in order to maintain wellbeing for all in the household.

Building Resilience: Helping Children Cope With Stress

Studies show that adverse childhood experiences can wreak havoc on a child's developing brain and body and have strong correlations to harmful effects throughout a lifetime. Helping children build resilience is one effective antidote for toxic stress and trauma.

Helping Kids Connect With Nature

This article discusses how children are spending less time playing outside in nature. It cites supporting evidence showing that outdoor play improves children's overall health, cognitive development, and their connection to and care for nature. It describes how our preschool has made a commitment to helping children engage with nature through our Nature Classroom and through scheduling ample time in the program day for outdoor play, and it also offers some quick and easy ideas for how families can help their children get outside and appreciate nature.
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