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Hidden Treasure

Rob Otto has discovered hidden treasure relating to Greenwich Point - a very rare and important artifact from the J. Kennedy Tod years, when Mr. and Mrs. Tod’s estate at Greenwich Point was known as “Innis Arden”. This artifact is being conserved and preserved for the Greenwich Point Conservancy and the people of Greenwich.

Making Lemonade

Our town was delivered a major “lemon” in the form of the COVID 19 pandemic, however opportunities created by our response to the emergency, together with other exciting plans underway for our downtown and waterfront area, are a great example of using these challenges as a catalyst to “make lemonade” for our town.

Here Comes the Sun

The COVID 19 pandemic has been a huge medical challenge for Greenwich. The health care professionals at Greenwich Hospital did an amazing job working through the physical and staffing challenges of getting through the worst of the pandemic. Perhaps as difficult were the emotional challenges they experienced as well. The pandemic has left an indelible mark on our health care professionals and on our community.

Reach Out (I’ll Be There)

The COVID 19 virus has created a critical need for blood donations, and Dr. Jerome Adams, the U.S. Surgeon General, has called on Americans to donate blood. Here in Greenwich, Gary Silberberg and his team of volunteers and Red Cross personnel at the Temple Shalom blood drive have figured out a way to run an efficient drive, with the subtle atmosphere of a music festival, which makes the whole experience rewarding and enjoyable.

Shared Stewardship at Greenwich Point

Chris Franco writes about the many organizations in town that act as stewards of the crown jewel of our town’s park system, Greenwich Point. Since the town of Greenwich acquired the beautiful 147-acre waterfront park 75 years ago, our residents have worked tirelessly and with great dedication to conserve its natural beauty, and to shape it to become an amazing resource for our residents.

Trailblazing Women of Greenwich Point

Mr. and Mrs. J. Kennedy Tod, who built a fabulous estate at Greenwich Point in the 1880s, were far ahead of their time in recognizing and advancing the careers of talented women who were trailblazers in their fields at the turn of the last century. During Women’s History Month we recognize and celebrate the work of these trailblazing women.

Thank You Crayons

Over the past decade a combination of public and private efforts have achieved a remarkable revival of Binney Park, our exceptionally beautiful town park in Old Greenwich.

Emily’s Chimes

The Greenwich Point Conservancy and the Emily Catherine Fedorko Foundation have partnered to restore the fabulous musical chimes in tower of the Chimes Building at Greenwich Point. Known as "chimola", they were manufactured in London, England in 1901, and are among the most rare and valuable chimes in the world.

Greenwich Point Conservancy

Since 2003 the Greenwich Point Conservancy has taken the lead on restoring and preserving the historic buildings and other elements of the Point, which have added a whole new dimension to our appreciation and enjoyment of the Point. Collectively, these stewardship organizations have made a profound difference in the conservation and beautification of our beloved town beach.

Coffee For Good

A new coffee shop called "Coffee For Good", which is a joint venture of Abilis and the Second Congregational Church, will open in the magnificent restored space in the Solomon Mead House on the Church's campus. Coffee For Good will be staffed by people with special needs, who will learn job skills to enable them to lead "able" lives.
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