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Make It Your Home Sweet Home

Take this moment to get to know your home as we will remain house-centric in the future. Change the flow, reorganize space, get rid of things that make you uncomfortable. Make it your sanctuary.

Courtnay’s Kitchen in Greenwich: Immune-Friendly, Clean Eating

Courtnay Arpano is a professional chef, offering clean, fresh, local, organic clean food and southern chicken pies, delivered to your home. "Clean Weeks" gives you family-friendly meals that can include immune-supporting ingredients in soups, layered salads in a jar (“a jar for the car”), berries, grains, nuts, seeds, medicinal teas, snacks and dark chocolate, to super-charge your system and ward off sickness, delivered fresh to your doorstep, in an insulated bag.

The Challenges of Raising Kids in an Affluent Community

Raising children in an affluent society has many challenges that are unpredictable as your kids grow up. Each family has to give back in a way that works for them. Our family is broader and richer because we brought an international child into our family.

Why You Need to Volunteer in Greenwich

greenwich non-profit boards and volunteers are aging out and having trouble finding younger incoming replacements. Volunteering with people who share your passion is vital to your health and well-being.

Greenwich: We Are What We Emoji

We leave a trail of digital breadcrumbs from every device in our lives. Trackers capture it and predict who you are, what groups you're in, and what you'll buy. Who is the Town of Greenwich, based on our most-used emojis?
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