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Searching for… Whatever

Remember when we just let life happen, didn’t pay much attention to anything, and took everything in stride? Now we like plans and expect things to go a certain way.

Column: Movies are Dreams that you Never Forget

While some films appeal more to one type of audience than another, in his latest masterpiece, Steven Spielberg presents a story and a film that so beautifully deals with so many universal subjects - that it is sure to touch something in everyone.

Column: The Impact of Elvis

The latest film about Elvis provides us with a story about the legendary king of rock and roll that goes beyond his good looks and provocative moves.

Column: Summer at the Greenwich Alliance and Thank You’s

Summer time at the Greenwich Alliance for Education includes our first ever Unbound Innovations Virtual and Augmented Reality S.T.E.A.M Camp and a College workshop for rising juniors. Sign up for both now. Thanking volunteers - Nancy Kail, Judith Nedell, Molly Fergusson, Jane Hentemann, Madelyn Jolliffe

Column: We Need a Little Downton, Now!

The power of the arts to transport us to different times and places is never more important or needed than today, when we are all so necessarily focused on challenging and troubling events throughout our nation and the world.

Challenging College Decisions for Greenwich High School AVID

GHS AVID Class of 2022 has 100% college acceptance. They are making tough college decision based on financial aid packages that are being offered. AVID SUCCESS programming assists AVID students in college with Good Money Habits, Mentoring and Jobs & Professional Tools to add to the skills they are learning in the AVID classes.

How and Why Do the Arts Make Us Feel

Have you ever wondered how and why the arts are a universal language that all human beings share, no matter their culture? It has to do with the make-up of our human brain and the chemistry within it. As an actor turned drama therapist and today, the executive director of the Greens at Greenwich, Maria Scaros has studied the healing power of the arts for over 30 years. She has witnessed how visual art speaks to us non-verbally. In the theater and storytelling, we gasp at catastrophe, weep with star crossed lovers and applaud opportunity. Music conjures memories and dance is often an aphrodisiac. We are moved for good reason and it is not accidental.
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