• Author: Greenwich Sentinel

Author: Greenwich Sentinel

The Case for a Sustainable Central Middle School Building

Greenwich must decide if it is building for the short run and minimizing only construction costs – or for the long run, minimizing the total cost of building and operating the school, while achieving better outcomes in health, wellness, and satisfaction for generations to come.

Letter: Debunking a Spending Myth

While the moral appeal of assisting countries in need is certainly strong, there is an equally powerful argument that the U.S. stands to gain from sending aid abroad.

Letter: Parents Need Government Help for Student Mental Health…

Unfortunately, our State Representative Kimberly Fiorello voted against both of bills addressing the youth mental health crisis. She took the floor to explain her vote against SB1 as follows, “The proponent said that this will help parents with the ease of caring for their children. I just feel that many parents would agree there’s not a lot of ease in caring for children. Raising children is a rigorous life journey. I’m wary when we create government programs to ease the burden for parents.”
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