• Author: Greenwich Sentinel

Author: Greenwich Sentinel

Summer Learning Loss: How Parents Can Prevent the “Summer Slide”

Losing academic progress over the summer is a problem for many students. How can we maintain our student's skills over the summer, while still enjoying a restful and relaxing vacation? For some students, a summer academic program is necessary but there are ways to prepare for the school year at home as well.

A New Way Forward

We we find ourselves in a new calendar year, there is good news about the COVID 10 vaccine, but yet we are still facing the same struggles, challenges and questions as last year. The good news is that there a way to leave the past behind and move into a more hopeful future!

The Changing Climate of Higher Education

Higher education has been an industry that continues to navigate how to manage incoming applicants and the admissions process. Not all schools are created equal in managing this crisis.

Who’s On First?

We need new rules of the road in education, new skills in deliberation, for a world of unreliable information.

2020 – A Very Good Year for Greenwich Condo Sales

Greenwich Condo sales had an amazing year, which is surprising given that many Covid refugees fled NYC to get away from densely built housing. In Greenwich that wasn't true, at least not in the last 5 months of the year where sales were up over 100% from 2019.

Is it Resolutions or Reservations for the New Year?

How about a spiritual resolution instead? We are quick to commit to a resolution to make tangible changes, what about a spiritual resolution to be kinder, more tender, genuine, and loving even to someone you do not know!

Where Do We Go from Here?

This is a highly divisive time, and we would be wise to reduce our almost addictive focus on the news in order to listen to the voice of God speak to us and give us.

Mental Wellness in Young Children during Challenging Times

We’ve entered perhaps the darkest winter we will ever face in our lifetime. We have no research to demonstrate the long-term effects the pandemic will have on children's mental health. It is essential to support the mental wellness of young children in an effort to minimize the long-term socioemotional and psychological effects of the pandemic.
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