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    No internet, long johns, or frog legs required.

    The Greenwich Sentinel’s website, with on camera reports and interviews, makes feel more t.v. news website than a print news website – and in many ways, it is.
    On the site, you can submit everything from ad reservations to letters to the editor to classifieds and the play in place video feature means that Taylor Knight’s on camera pieces are easier than ever to enjoy.
    The Home page Top 100 feature lists the most recent 100 people in Greenwich in the news (check for your name) and the flipping digital ads are dynamic and useful.
    Site visitors can get an eBook edition with play in place videos and clickable URLs on the Community Events page making it simple to access all the information readers need to plan their week.
    Even the social media is state of the art with photos, video clips, news stories, and events neatly categorized on Facebook.
    With all this technology, it is easy to forget sometimes what the print edition means to so many and why it is an important part of the community.
    A card arrived at the Greenwich Sentinel recently from an 84 year old admirer of the paper with well wishes and a wonderfully written note.
    The writer found the mistake in the crossword puzzle last week “stripped fish” which should have been “striped” as in bass.
    “Neat paper,” he said, “where are they available?”
    The author can be certain he will be receiving a copy each week from now on delivered personally.
    He went on to say, “I’m 84 years old. I don’t know what web site or e-mail mean!!! On line are long johns hanging out to dry. Web site is a frogs legs!”
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for such a wonderful note!
    The Sentinel will continue to pay tribute to Greenwich young people and to Greenwich seniors for a perspective both unique and often surprising.
    Next week’s crossword puzzle should require at least two, if not three generations to complete. It will cover everything from Bionicles to the greatest generation. No internet, long johns, or frog legs required. read more...

    Restaurant Review: Is it Elves that Make Gravina’s Pizza so Good?

    Upon entering Gravina’s Monday afternoon, we were pleasantly surprised by the wonderful modern interior, and can say with utmost confidence it was one of the cleanest restaurants we’ve seen.
    The restaurant manager, who immediately greeted us, explained all of the entrées available and even recommended a few dishes.
    Gravina is primarily a pizza restaurant but also features a selection of other meals including a few soups, create-your-own salads, and a variety of sandwiches.
    A dish that caught my taste buds was the Napoli sandwich, an interesting variation on the traditional tomato, basil, and mozzarella classic.
    There is such a variety beyond just sandwiches and pizzas. They also have side dishes such as a version of calzones and Aracinos.
    The Aracinos we had was particularly good, with sweet peas (instead of the one with meat). I can one hundred percent say that it was delicious. It had a cheesy inside and was surrounded by a crispy yet doughy outside with sweet peas mixed in.
    As one customer left, they commented, “you haven’t tasted dough on pizza until you’ve had Gravina pizza,” which, as I quickly discovered, was true.
    In fact, I’m not entirely sure, but the employees of Gravina might be harboring a secret set of magical elves behind the counter, considering their bread and pizza crust somehow manages to be both crunchy and doughy at the same time. Elves or not, the pizza was phenomenal.
    Not only was the food delicious and fresh, but the staff was amazing. Informing us about ingredients and answering my many questions with a smile. They were timely and created a nice atmosphere.
    While a little pricier than some spots, it is totally worth it. At the end of the meal, we had eaten to our hearts’ content for around $30. This restaurant is sure to be a family favorite and a great place to grab a bite with your friends. read more...

    Movie Review: Jurassic DejaVu

    As a child firmly rooted in stories such as Dinosaur Roar, and movies like The Land Before Time, I already have a mild infatuation with dinosaurs.
    Having watched and loved the first Jurassic Park movie, I was eager to get my eyes on the fourth installment in the Jurassic Park legacy.
    Sitting in the theater, I realized a few similarities between the first Jurassic Park and Jurassic World that made some of the plot repetitive, but in the end, I loved Jurassic World for the same reason that I have loved Jurassic Park for all these years. The story is about dinosaurs.
    I look at the Jurassic movies as Dinosaur movies that they have to put people in just because they need someone to scream. The story of Jurassic World is really just about the development of the dinosaurs if we’re being honest. Which we are.
    Unlike in the first movie, the velociraptors are not the evil, terrifying, oh-no-what-am-I-looking-at, bad guys that we all fear. In Jurassic World the velociraptors are scary for about five minutes, but before and after that they are the lovable babies of Chris Pratt’s character, Owen.
    Instead, the absolutely terrifying Indominus Rex is the “bad guy” of the movie. This is a dinosaur that is incredibly smart, and incredibly over powering for a dinosaur. With the base genome of a T-Rex and some other DNA added in to help it adapt (as well as to make it “cooler”) the Indominus is one of the most frightening dinosaurs I have ever seen – not that I’ve ever seen a real dinosaur.
    Amid all of the dinosaur action, there is the story of the characters too. Bryce Dallas Howard’s character, Claire, has become a the leading businesswoman at Jurassic World and has her nephews Gray (played by Ty Simpkins) and Zach (played by Nick Robinson) come up to spend a weekend with her at the theme park, Jurassic World.
    After spending the first day neglecting her nephews and having her assistant spend time with the boys instead of spending time with them herself, the Indominus Rex gets loose, and she and Owen, played by Chris Pratt, go on an epic quest to find Gray and Zach and make sure they are safe.
    While I do love the movie, I love it as a stand-alone film. Having seen the first movie, I was less than impressed by the repetitive story line and clichéd tactics the writers of this film used. My friend who also went to see it and has never seen the first one says; “I really loved the movie and the effects that they used, especially for the dinosaurs. And let’s be honest, we all just went for the dinosaurs.”
    When all is said and done the movie is great if you want to go see a summer action flick … or dinosaurs.
    By Emma Barhydt

    How’s Your Neighborhood’s Real Estate Market Doing?

    When you compare neighborhoods the toughest place for a buyer to find a home is the Byram, Pemberwick and Glenville area of town. We only have 33 houses inventory, while 8 houses are under contract and 31 houses have sold in this area so far this year. If you are looking for a house under $1M this neighborhood is a good place to start, but to get the best house you need to be able to move quickly. read more...